Match 050 EC is an insecticide used for the control of fall armyworms in maize, lepidoptera, western flower thrips, rust mites, leaf feeding beetle larvae, caterpillars on tomatoes.

Active ingredient:

50g/L Lufenuron


Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

Mode of action:

Match is an acyl urea insect growth regulator which inhibits chitin synthesis and thereby prevents Lepidoptera larvae from molting.

Rates of application:

Apply at 60 – 80 ml/100 L water in vegetables & ornamentals.

Targeted insects:

Lepidoptera as well as Western flower thrips, rust mites and leaf-feeding beetle larvae.

Main crops:

Maize, cotton and vegetables

Match 050 EC benefits:

A reliable partner with a valuable residual activity.

An economic solution at very low use rates for the control of Lepidoptera.

Its mode of action, spectrum of control and selectivity profile make Match suitable for use in IPM (integrated pest management).

it controls insects that are resistant to frequently used insecticides like organophosphates, carbamates and synthetic pyrethroids and so is useful in IRM (integrated resistance management.


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Match 050EC Insecticide 1 liter
Match 050EC Insecticide 1l
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