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About us

About us

CHEMSASA is a legally registered E-Commerce platform founded in the year 2020, we  hope to grow exponentially. It comprises of Agricultural Inputs, Farm Machinery, Industrial Chemicals and Professional Services as a Market Platform.

We provide a variety of products and services by bringing accessibility of quality in leveraging technology as a mechanism for farm empowerment. The wide range of services are designed to ensure we achieve optimum levels of Convenience and Customer Satisfaction.

We have adapted a multi-channel strategy to reach out to farmers as we also partner with Agricultural Brands such as Farmer Societies, Government Institutions, and the Private Sector. Our platform is efficiently driven by Agricultural Inputs in the area of Distribution, Marketing, and Operation.

CHEMSASA has a data-driven business with Intelligence for the value chain to build an agriculturally sustainable online solution for the farming community.

CHEMSASA has payment options that are suitable for every client.

We are highly Customer-Centric and are committed to finding Innovative ways of improving the Online Shopping Experience.


To bridge the gap in offering online solutions to all stakeholders in the Agri-business Industry.


To create empowerment and opportunities for all Agri-Chemical industries,
Farm Machinery/Tools, Vendors, and Farm Service Providers.