Chemsasa is one of the leading suppliers of MAMBA TANKS in Kenya. Mamba tank water storage solution is the best water storage solution in the market.

Mamba tank has a wide range of water storage tanks to meet unique water storage solutions form our customers. 

Why Mamba Tank?

·         Mamba Tanks are cost-friendly and Affordable

·         The tanks are made from high-quality materials

·         Mamba tanks are made from environmentally friendly materials

·         The tanks are Rust free.


·         They do not change the water taste.

Weight N/A
Tanks Variation

10000Liters, 2200Gls x Diameter( 2500mm, 8' 3"Ft)Height(2390mm x 7' 9" Ft), 1000Liters, 222Gls x Diameter( 1080mm, 3' 5"Ft)Height(1220mm x 4' Ft), 15000Liters, 3300Gls x Diameter( 3000mm, 9' 10"Ft)Height(2530mm x 8' 4" Ft), 1500Liters, 333Gls x Diameter( 1194mm, 3' 11"Ft)Height(1448mm x 4' 9" Ft), 2000Liters, 444Gls x Diameter( 1350mm, 4' 6"Ft)Height(1600mm x 5' 3" Ft), 2300Liters, 511Gls x Diameter( 1500mm, 4' 11"Ft)Height(1550mm x 5' 1" Ft), 230Liters, 51Gls x Diameter( 800mm, 2' 7"Ft)Height(560mm x 1' 10" Ft), 3000Liters, 666Gls x Diameter( 1540mm, 5'Ft)Height(1700mm x 5' 8" Ft), 3500Liters, 777Gls x Diameter( 1600mm, 5' 3"Ft)Height(1880mm x 6' 3" Ft), 4000Liters, 889Gls x Diameter( 1727mm, 5' 8"Ft)Height(1956mm x 6' 5" Ft), 460Liters, 102Gls x Diameter( 1000mm, 3' 4"Ft)Height(690mm x 2' 3" Ft), 5000Liters, 1110Gls x Diameter( 2000mm, 6' 8"Ft)Height(1800mm x 5' 11" Ft), 6000Liters, 1333Gls x Diameter( 1930mm, 6' 3"Ft)Height(2100mm x 6' 9" Ft), 700Liters, 155Gls x Diameter( 1000mm, 3' 3"Ft)Height(1050mm x 3' 5" Ft), 8000Liters, 1760Gls x Diameter( 2200mm, 7' 2"Ft)Height(2260mm x 7' 5" Ft)


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Mamba tanks
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