Broccoli Rock F1 seeds produce excellent early maturing broccolis that can be harvested 45 days after transplanting. These seeds produce medium sized and large broccoli heads that are very compact and firm with fine beads of green. Growing of these seeds is not limited to one particular climatic condition as they do exceptionally well in both warm and cold environments. Broccolis are heavy feeder plants that like rich soil and will take up most nutrients from soil with a PH of between 6.0 and 7.0. To maximize your yields with these seeds, it is advisable to choose an open site with well-drained and fertile soil.

Basic information on planting Broccoli Rock F1

Nursery establishment & management

  • A nursery bed measures 1m length x 10-15cm drill. The drills should be 3-4cm in depth for small seeded vegetable to facilitate faster and uniform germination.
  • To enhance early strong seedlings it’s important to use fine well compost manure (from goats, cow, and pigs) mixed thoroughly with the soil.

Note: Chicken manure not recommended for use in the nursery because of very high levels of nitrogen that inhabits proper roots formation and establishment. Chicken manure is ideal for use at the top dressing stage.

  • Recommended raising seedlings in the nursery bed for 3 – 4 weeks before transplanting to the main field at pencil- thick stage.

Note: Seedlings can be transplanted into smaller poly bags, 2 weeks after germination and later transplanted into the main field, 2 -3 weeks later and this reduces drastically the transplanting shock and allow faster establishment in the main field.

  • Drench nursery bed with insecticides to prevent early plant attacks by soil and sucking pests.
  • Watering in the nursery recommended early morning to mid morning but not in the evening. Evening watering encourages pythium activities that cause dumping off.
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Broccoli Rock F1
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