Afya Bora Stock Lick provides minerals and traces elements to beef cattle, sheep, and goats. It maintains good growth, strong bone structure, increased muscle gain, and disease resistance, and provides excellent meat quality.

Feeding Recommendations:

  • Feed dry or mixed with feed.
  • Sheep and Goats – allow 30g per animal per day.
  • Calves – allow 50g per animal per day.
  • Weaners and Yearlings – allow 50-75g per animal per day.
  • Bulling Heifers & Breeders – allow 75-100g.


  • Contains calcium, sodium and chloride.
  • Calcium and phosphorus.
  • Phosphorus and potassium.
  • Well, balanced minerals.


  • Ensures faster weight gain which allows timely slaughter.
  • Ensures a strong bone structure that supports fast weight gain.
  • Provides required energy levels for faster weight gain.
  • Excellent meat quality which is easy to market.

Weight 50 kg


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Stock lick Afya bora
Afya Bora Stock Lick
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