Place a Back-order for KALRO seeds, The seeds will be available from February. Call for more info.


1.Placing of orders and not processed?


  1. Search for the using the search bar or vist shop on the menu.
  2. Compare prices with other vendors.
  3. Add to your cart.
  4. Make sure you fill the location to delivery the products.
  5. Then pay at checkout
  6. If  the order not processed you can contacts support for more details.
2. All Products on Chemsasa are genuine?

Yes. As a company we are committed to offering our customers 100% geninue and original products from approved manufactures by the goverment of Kenya.

 Products imported we make sure the products/ items are registered in Kenya with relevant organs.

We also take all necessary actions to ensure that any vendor on our platfrom found to be selling non-geniuine products is immediately delisted from Chemsasa Marketplace.

3. Are Prices on Chemsasa negotiable?

No. prices on our marketplace are not negotiable. Chemsasa has many vendors who offer the best prices and deals. make sure you compare the prices of the product from other vendors.

4. How to find the right Product/ Item?

You can start by visiting the homepage and clicking on a category name from the category menu on the left side of the website. This shows all the catergoties we have or vist shop to check all products.

If you know what you are looking for just type the name of the product or brand in our search bar at the top of the page and click Search.

Vist the official stores to check from a specific vendor.

5.Why do I see different prices for the same product?

Chemsasa marketplace has many sellers and it is normal that same item is sold by multiple sellers. This allows you to choose your preferred seller considering their ratings and offer. When a product is sold by different sellers you will find the alternatives available on the product page.