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At Bayer our mission and development strategy are one and the same. Our research addresses the trends we are all facing in the coming decades—namely supporting an aging, growing global population by providing food and healthcare to all while using fewer resources and fighting climate change.

By finding answers to these ongoing and evolving issues, we’re finding solutions for the many new challenges yet to come. We’re cultivating our ongoing legacy of innovation and our relentless pursuit of sustainability, to make meaningful advancements in Consumer HealthPharmaceuticals, and Crop Science.

Despite short-term market shocks from COVID-19, Bayer the ag input market is expected to grow on average 3% annually over the next decade, driven by megatrends in population growth, demand for protein and pressures on harvests from climate change. Worldwide demand for food, feed and fuel will continue to rise – and evolve – significantly over the coming decades. This is driven by overall population growth and the rapid expansion of a global middle class: Reaching almost 5 billion people by 2030, the share of the global middle class will have almost quintupled over the past three decades.1 With an overall larger population as well as rising living standards and changing attitudes towards nutrition, transparency and sustainability, food consumption patterns are becoming more diverse and demanding.2,3

Bayer is securing a sufficient supply of quality food is just one side of the coin—agriculture needs to meet these growing demands by using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly.

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