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Climate Change.

Ways Farmers Can Adapt to Climate Change and Generate Income.

Climate change poses a real threat to farmers around the world. Agriculture is highly dependent on good weather, including high and low temperatures, rainfall, wind intensity, and many other variables. Estimates show that climate change might reduce global agriculture productivity by 17% by 2050.

For countries highly dependent on agricultural exports, like Kenya, this poses a real problem. Research shows that climate change-driven changes in rainfall patterns could severely reduce the harvest of healthy agriculture plants, one of Kenya’s biggest export commodities. Studies show that temperature increases could reduce by 95% the area suitable for producing coffee, an important export commodity, in Kenya.

The good news is that farmers can adapt. Study done on Climate, Forest, and Agriculture, with the contribution of several experts and scientists, presents evidence and proposes solutions for reducing climate change risks to farmlands. These include policies already in place in Kenya that are still relatively unknown, but that could be expanded, or replicated in other countries.

Here is a selection of four sustainable ways farmers can produce more food and adapt to climate change at the same time.